Workshop Etiquette

Even though our guild workshops (taught by members) tend to be less formal, it is important to respect both the teacher and fellow classmates. All it takes is one rude student to ruin the class for others. When we have SCEIF workshops (with invited teachers from away), it is especially important to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Be on time - or let the chairperson know ahead of time, if you plan to be late
  • Turn off your cell phone or set it to vibrate; if you must, answer quickly and quietly; leave the room to talk
  • Be prepared - if you must borrow another participant's tools; do not do so without first asking permission
  • Be kind, courteous and respectful
  • Keep chatter quiet and to a minimum; and be silent when the teacher is talking
  • Always listen intently to what the workshop instructor has to say; put your needle down; don't ask your neighbor - then they won't be able to hear
  • You are sharing the teacher with the class - do not hog their time
  • Do not critique the teacher's methods
  • Do not bring or show projects from other classes
  • Do not touch someone else's stitching or materials
  • Absolutely no food or drink near the stitching
  • No smoking, and no perfumes or scents
  • Do not copy or teach any of the class work without the teachers' permission
  • Clean up your work space before leaving the workshop